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Tenant Services

Lease: A typical lease contract for a period of one year or more is typical.

Lease with an option to purchase are good for those who feel they may be interested in purchasing at a later date.

Please complete the information on the Rental Application and return to us as quickly as possible.  Please feel free to call us with any questions you have at (864)335-9250.



1. What we can do for you:

We will be your exclusive relocation agent. This means we will contact all agents or owners of properties you may be interested in. What it includes are classified ads, agent ads, and any other referral to rental properties.


2. How we are paid:

Our services are free to you, with one exception: a one time application/credit report fee, unless an owner or agent refuses to pay our fees. Our services are free unless you agree to lease a property from a non-paying owner or agent. This is not usually the case. Normally agents and/or owners are glad to pay our fee. Our fee is the same as one month’s rent.


3. Our services include:


A. Obtaining a rental application and credit report $50.00 . This allows us to present you and your credit standing to owners/agents. If you have or have had credit problems, this allows us to present the circumstances of the credit history and find an owner/agent who will accept your application and lease. Having credit problems does not mean your application will be rejected, however, it is an important item to discuss with property owners/agents.


B. Showing you prospective properties through photos and in person:

This allows you to ask questions and raise any concerns about the property or community. It is also helpful with recalling the specifics of multiple properties and avoiding frustration in locating homes in an area where you may be unfamiliar.


C. Who we represent:

  1. We serve you in finding the properties which fit your property needs. We provide you with all the information available about prospective communities, schools, etc.
  2. We serve the owner/agent in securing a legal protective lease and give them full disclosure about the prospective tenant.
  3. Where an investor is involved in purchasing a rental property we must first consider the viable long term potential for the property. In other words, will it be a good marketable rental property when your lease has ended? In this situation we will only recommend properties that represent a good investment and meet your rental requirements.

Phone: (864) 335-9250

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