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Property Management Division

Property management is an avenue which allows property owners a more hands-off
approach to owning real estate. There are owners who prefer to manage their own
properties. For those owners, we have helpful information to help empower owners
who wish to be their own property manager. Whether you would like to be your own
property manager or would like us to manage your property
for you, National Real Estate Services can help.

Our goal is to get you into a situation where you would need a property manager
by marketing your property like no other company around.

Whether you have a property manager to manage your properties for you or if you
are managing your own properties….we can find the right tenant for you!

Who are we?
We have been in business for 10 years, specializing in upscale rental homes, as our market changes we stay current with the demands, this allows our owners to be on the cutting edge of rental home marketing and ownership. We are investor specialist who understand the property is a business to some of our clients as well as some are accidental rental home owners. Our President was the first owner client of the company who was trying to sell his home, then discovered the benefits to renting,  so we understand personally where you are. We can help you understand more about the benefits of owning rental homes than you may have realized. We are here to help you and educate you.

Our founder discovered a serious lack of service in the rental home services being offered, this coupled with the vision for the value of internet marketing and presentation are why we are in business today. We believe in putting ourselves in our customers shoes and build and grow our business from that viewpoint. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our customers and clients, give us a try and see the difference.

What services do we offer?

1.       Rental home marketing and leasing

2.       Investor programs

3.       Real estate sales using our own “Beat the Bank Program”

4.       Property management

5.       Vacation sales and leasing

We offer the majority of our services in Greenville, SC , however we are in the process of expanding, Greenville, SC will remain our corporate office. We offer our “Beat the Bank Program” for home financing to all 50 states, we serve other real estate agents, property owners, investors, etc. We also offer our investor programs to investors worldwide.

Phone: (864) 335-9250

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