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Our Services to Owners/Agents

     We are a progressive, proactive real estate services company.

We offer property management services through our affliate property managers, not just a mail drop for your rent check.


     We know you have choices when it comes to who manages your rental property and we know many owners have small margins of error (if any). Small fees such as renewals, inspections, vendor markups, maintenance overrides, excessive vacancy time, under-pricing, poor advertising and poor maintenance can cost an owner hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars a year.


     You will find property management services far outweigh the fees. We are also confident our services, fees and dedication to your property will out compete the competition. We personally show your property to prospective tenants, not loan them the key to visit your property!


Following are brief descriptions of our standard services and fees. This is not an all-inclusive list.


     Property Management Services and Fees

     If your management needs include something not listed here, please contact us for a custom management program.


    Market analysis - An accurate and thorough market analysis is one of the biggest steps in making and keeping your rental property as profitable as possible. We go to great lengths to get as much information as we can. We locate comparable properties that are currently available or have leased  in the last 18 months. We drive by those leased and will do walk thru on  those currently available. Some companies do not physically view comparable properties causing gross errors in under pricing (loss of income) or over pricing, causing a property to be on the market longer than necessary with the price eventually being lowered anyway (again, loss of income).


     Recommendations - With an accurate market analysis and knowledge of  comparables, we will recommend an informed opinion of rental rate. We will  also make objective recommendations about things that may be needed to  help bring the property condition up to full market value. There are many little, relatively inexpensive things that can often be done to a property to make it more attractive and lease more quickly to prospective renters.


     Attract qualified tenants - We will advertise your property extensively on  the Internet, GreenvilleRentalHomes.Com, the RentalHomeDatabase.Com, we place signs in yards and list with  the Yahoo Real Estate Classifieds. 


     We also offer a free rental service to tenants. Our in-house leasing  "machine" runs 24/7 generating calls/emails from prospects who are moving  from all areas of the country. When you list your property with Greenville Rental Homes, there is no lag time bringing your property online waiting for  advertising. Our in-house agents search their customer database and can  often get your property exposure the same day you list with us.


     Partnering with other agents/agencies: We encourage all agencies to show our properties to their prospective tenants/buyers. We offer commissions to other agents who lease our properties, which is a first in our industry in promoting the value in rental and lease purchase properties.


Phone: (864) 335-9250

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