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How the Rental Home Database Works:


1. We provide listings from Owners, Agents, Property Managers, and Investors.

2. Tenant/Buyers view properties online prior to an in-person tour.

3. A registered agent from any agency of your choice may assist you with selecting properties.

4. A Rental Home Database affiliate offers Tenant Agents to assist you.

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Services for the Tenant:

1. View potential properties online instead of time consuming phone calls and disappointment.

2. When you find properties that meet your criteria, take an in-person tour with any agent.

3. Submit your application for the home you choose.

4. See our Privacy Policy regarding your confidential information.

5. We will produce a "Tenant Profile" based on your application and submit your profile to the owner for acceptance.

6. We provide a lease based on the SC Landlord/Tenant Act.

7. Upon move-in we perform a written walk-thru inspection with you, providing copies to the owner and tenant.

8. We offer our "Tenant Agent" service to search for properties based on your rental needs!

9. If we do not have a property listed that meets your needs....we will find choices for you!

10. We offer Lease/Purchase properties to prepare you for ownership.

Services for the Owner or Investor

1. All the above services to Tenants and Agents provide you with the most cost effective presentation of your property with the quickest turnover of your property.

2. Our services expose your property to all agents and property managers.

3. We fax a full profile, including photos of your property, to each agency.

4. We take the photos, prepare the profile, and place your property information on our website.

5. Your property is secure with our lockbox more hidden keys or open doors!

6. You approve tenants based on the "Tenant Profile" we provide based on our credit and background search.

7. We provide a lease based on the Landlord/Tenant Act, which includes the tenant responsibilities.

8. You may manage your own property or use any property manager of your choice.
9. We perform the move-in inspection with the tenant and provide copies to you.

10. Our service includes: signage, telephone inquiries, lockbox, and showing your home in person.

Services for the Agent:

1. Any licensed agent or property manager may register with Rental Home Database and receive full access to available properties.

2. You and your prospects will save time by viewing the properties online.

3. We provide a lockbox at each property for fast access and no hassle obtaining keys.

4. We provide a lease based on the SC Landlord/Tenant Act.

5. We receive the application while maintaining the privacy requirements of the information, and submit the Tenant Profile to the owner for approval.

6. We perform the move-in inspection.

7. We provide equal compensation for all lease acquisitions.

8. You maintain your property management properties.

9. You may list your properties with Rental Home Database for the ultimate turn results.

10. We provide signage, photos, web presentation, lockbox, show the property in person, and respond to phone inquiries....FREE!

Phone: (864) 335-9250

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